Spirulina Smoothie – Meal in a Glass

hi everyone welcome to joe's kitchen capers today we are making a spirulina smoothie it's something you can have for breakfast lunch or dinner i have one every day packed full of nutrition i love it it's delicious so let's make a start i'll run through the equipment and the ingredients and we'll whip one eye so we've got quite a few different ingredients going into our smoothie let's just run through them i've got 15 grams here of spirulina 15 grams of collagen 15 grams of chia seeds 15 grams of lsa 30 grams of hemp seeds 15 grams of goji berries i've got half a teaspoon here of calm and caramel powder i've got half an avocado some frozen mixed berries i've got raspberries and blueberries some frozen banana and here some aloe gel which is off one of my aloe vera plants i've got two 500 ml glasses some water which we're going to use as our liquid just a spatula and a spoon and we're using my thermomix today to mix it in so let's get started we'll turn our thermomix on and it's simply a case of putting everything in let's just measure in 600 mils of water and then we're just going to place the rest of our ingredients on so our berries so my berries banana and avocado are all frozen and that gives it a bit of a creamier texture as well as it makes it nice and cold our aloe hemp seeds lsa chia goji kamu kamu collagen and the star of the show the spirulina our lid goes back on and i give this a minute on speed 10.

and it's as quick as that scrape our lid get all that those goodies back in there so guys here we go our spirulina smoothie it's a meal and a glass uh as i said i have one daily all that remains as a taste test it is really good please try it the recipe for it will be in the comment box below and my video diary this week will just be about the ingredients that i've used in my spirulina and why i use it if you like our video please subscribe and give us the big thumbs up and i'll see you next time on joe's kitchen capers thanks for joining us cheers bye.