Best Smoothie For Lose Weight Fast | Lose Weight Easily and Safely with This Diet Plan | Diet Plan

In this video, we will talk about what should be the diet plan to lose weight faster, what should be eaten or not , as well as 7 such habits that you will have to follow for weight loss, if you follow this diet plan, then you will be able to live within 30 days. At least 5 to 10 kg of weight can be easily reduced inside, this is a low FAT, low sugar diet plan, from which you are going to get very good results, so let's start your Deit Plan that when and how much Start the day with two glasses of lukewarm water i.e. Luke warm water, you have to do this first thing after getting out of bed in the morning, after that use Natural Fat Body Burner Drink half an hour before breakfast, told about it in detail in the previous video.

It is gone and its link will come up and the link will be found in the description below . At least for a moment in a carrot and beet breakfast, keep in mind that make whole fruit juice because I get good of you, which reduces, removes and helps to stop the growth or else you can make smoothy, you can use it to make this, cut it into pieces, three of them Put four dates from the top and mix half a glass of water in the mixer and squeeze half a lemon in it and turn on the mixer, if everything is mixed, then take out most of it in a class or bowl and listen lightly from above. Use it by sprinkling mana powder, use low-fat fruits to make it moody, for breakfast I want protein too, you can also use wild or cross, do not take full cream milk at all, yes green tea can be used As a change, you can also take this toast while dancing with some milk or oats, now let's talk about lunch, keep the latch in the team run, 10 minutes before lunch, one to two glasses of water must start the wave.

Before any one red like you can take long banana or any vegetable, you can also use vegetable fruit salad on top of it. Take from regular reader intake accelerates your fat burning mechanism and helps in weight loss Oral gym have 1 to 2 chapatis one vegetable can use one bowl of lentils or state paneer I am lucky after 2 hours in a green tea You don't have to take milky herb, if you feel hungry between lunch or dinner, then you can eat any fruit that has a low glycemic index against carrot and cucumber, then breakfast is done, lunch is done, now let's talk about losing weight. For what is in the dinner, always keep the dinner light because of the hot reason, you can use the spices in the main meal, add green vegetables to it, this will give you the option and your taste will also change, along with you must have any food with protein. You can add paneer to C flat and to change the taste, you can also use the position of vegetables instead of court in dinner, now let's talk about what you don't have to do, any added sugar is very carbohydrate.

You do not have to use diet pads and process feet, keep the amount of salt low because salt also retains water. Does your body scanner and increases weight, keep it salt low, do not take full cream milk at all, do not use this junk food energy drinks cold drinks that if you are serious about reducing your weight then definitely use the stipend once And friends, tell by commenting how much weight you have lost, the characters will also get notification, now it remains, they come with that , without zinc, you can maintain 20 by reducing weight, we have not kept about these things in this video. I will talk do not forget to watch the next video only then you will get full benefit thank you.